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Googling the Color Gray

Googling the Color Gray
I wrote a poem, The Color Gray,
And of my poems, far and away
Most googled is The Color Gray.
Some google for “the color gray”,
Some “poems about the color gray”,
Some “poems on the color gray”, 
Some with an e, some with an a,
Some pomes instead of poems require,
“Gray colored poems” some desire.
One “color poems examples gray”,
Whatever gray is in their head
They get my “Color Gray” instead.
There’s something mystical in gray
That causes googleness this way,
So if you want your words to stay
Color them with shades of gray.

The Color Gray

Boat at Pier in Fog

Dawn breaks — another cloudy day
with mist and fog — all shades of gray.

My inner weather is the same.
Inside or outside, either way,
it’s just a melancholy day.
Which weather is to blame?

I’ll play myself a happy air
to drive the mist and fog away,
and make a melancholy day,
if not sunny, just as fair.

A funny thing — the color gray —
Some light gets in, some goes away,
A little warmth to keep the fire,
A little light to show the way.