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Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Though thunder roll and lightning play and angry storm clouds gather
My ship is steady on its way, I will not fear the weather.
Though densest fog and darkest night may try to stop my seeing,
I have the harbor in my sight, I know it in my being.

Though reefs may rise and sharks may bite and shades around me steal,
The port is near — I see the light, my soul holds hard the wheel.
Sing, earth and stars, your song to me and I will hear you singing
And I will find a friendly breeze to take me homeward winging.

The Color Gray

Boat at Pier in Fog

Dawn breaks — another cloudy day
with mist and fog — all shades of gray.

My inner weather is the same.
Inside or outside, either way,
it’s just a melancholy day.
Which weather is to blame?

I’ll play myself a happy air
to drive the mist and fog away,
and make a melancholy day,
if not sunny, just as fair.

A funny thing — the color gray —
Some light gets in, some goes away,
A little warmth to keep the fire,
A little light to show the way.