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Come Home To The Hills      

Surface Creek, Cedaredge, Co.

(to “Rose of Tralee”)

 Dark canyons around me, the wild waters streaming,
 Around me blue mountains like mountains in dreams, 
 Around me a valley like Eden in springtime. 
 Around, all is beauty — I hear the world sing!

 I hear the green valley, the blue hills are calling,
 I hear the  green pastures with bright sparkling rills
 I hear the great mountain, the wild waters flowing
 To orchards and vineyards below the blue hills. 

 Like snowflakes in winter,  the white petals falling,
 The cranes circle upward  — wings flash in the blue.
 From high in their heaven  —  wild, free, and haunting,           
They  call to the valley  — they’re calling to you:

“Come back to the valley, the  blue hills are calling,
 Come back to green pastures and bright sparkling rills.         
 Come back to the mountain, the  wild waters foaming,         
 Come home to the valley — come home to the hills!”


Blue-Shaded Mountains



Here are the lakes ringed round by spruce and fir,
And here the meadows where the mountain flowers grow,
And through the aspen trees, the snowy peaks,
The apple orchards and the village down below.
What place could be more beautiful than this, our mountain home?

Yet sometimes, even so, I will remember
How in my other woods the trillium bloomed,
How dogwood turned the springtime into splendor,
And every hollow was a watery glade
Where peepers called and violets filled the shade.